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Revolutionized Records is an inspiring culmination of creativity, collaboration and production focused on providing original soundtracks, sound design, and foley effects for the music, advertising, gaming, visualization, and broadcast industries.

Founded in 2000, we continue to infiltrate both commercial and underground scenes with our distinct conceptual approach, collaborative nature, and dynamically fresh aesthetic.

Seamlessly blending the disciplines of engineering, production, composition and live-performance, we approach elaborate challenges with extraordinary creative and technical flexibility delivering unique visionary soundscapes.

Revolutionized embodies and represents a critical awareness of the global political and corporate superpowers that control markets and communication media to prevent environmental, cultural, and socioeconomic harmony by financing campaigns of disinformation in order to continue the systematic persecution of free peoples across all nations.

At Revolutionized Records we employ urban guerrilla tactics and methods to fuel ideological transformation and enlightenment. We leverage our new media tools to empower individuals and communities by strengthening their spiritual, political, social, and economic awareness.

Our sounds inspire audiences to RISE UP!





Blue Alien

Chaz Jepsen


Rising Sun

Intergalactic Steamboat

Blue Alien feat. Kate

Blue Alien and Robert Cimino

Blue Alien and Tonedevf

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